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Check back often for news and reviews of The Price of Temptation

bulletDiscreet Young Gentleman coming Fall 2006! Seventh Window Publications will release M.J. Pearson's second gay romance this coming October or November. Discreet Young Gentleman is the story of Dean Smith, Earl of Carwick, who is tricked into being discovered in the company of Rob, a handsome male prostitute. Now Dean needs to repair his broken engagement to a wealthy heiress, and he needs Rob's help to do it. Only Rob can identify the man who set him up, proving to his fiancée that things weren't as they appeared.

But the road trip turns into a journey of self-discovery, as Dean finds Rob stirring feelings he's long kept repressed... Highwaymen. Ghosts. One hell of a big fish. And at the center, a gorgeous, charming, sensual, and very Discreet Young Gentleman.

Watch for more news soon!

bulletCongratulations to Radclyffe for her Lambda win in the Romance category, and all the other winning and nominated authors! Thanks to everyone for their support--it was an honor just to make the finals.

bulletBay Windows calls Price "a lighthearted and fun guilty-pleasure type read." Makes it sound like perfect beach reading, don't you think? Read the full review here.

bulletUpcoming Signing  M.J. Pearson, who will be in town for the Lambda Awards, will be signing books at Lambda Rising in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 20 from 11 a.m. to noon. Lambda Rising is located in the heart of Dupont Circle at 1625 Connecticut Ave. NW (just across from the Dupont Circle Metro station). Stop by and say hello!

bulletLambda Award Finalist! The Price of Temptation has been named a finalist in the Romance category of the 18th Annual Lambda Literary Awards.  From the announcement:

March 3, 2006, New York, NY- The Lambda Literary Foundation announced the finalists for the 18th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, celebrating achievements in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) literature for books published in 2005.

Launched in 1989, the Lambda Literary Awards is the nation's most celebrated and comprehensive collection of awards for LGBT writing. Spanning twenty categories, the 100 finalists reflect a diverse range of distinguished voices from the LGBT community and highlight the full range of achievement in LGBT literature.

The award ceremony will be May 18, in Washington D.C.

bulletWow! At various times in the past month, Price has hit #1 on Amazon's Gay Erotica & Gay Romance charts in America, and #1 in English-language Gay Romance on Amazon's German, French, and Japanese sites as well. In addition, a new reader review posted the other day gives us a total of five 5-star reviews at

Interested in the next book? There's some new information here.

bulletYes, there is a new book in progress! Check back for updates.

bulletMore international news The Price of Temptation was #2 in Hares & Hyenas' (Australia) Top 6 for October! And it has also ranked within the top ten gay romance and/or gay erotica best sellers at Amazon's sites in France and Germany; top 20 in Japan and the U.K.

bulletAmazon category bestseller--internationally! Yesterday, The Price of Temptation hit #1 on both the Gay Romance and Gay Erotica charts on In France, it's Amazon's #9 bestseller in English-language Gay Romance and #19 in Gay Erotica; and in Japan it's #11 and #21 in the same categories. And Price is still ranking high in the New Releases at A Different Light.

bulletReview: Books to Watch Out For Richard Labonte calls The Price of Temptation a "charming, easygoing novel...a breezy and satisfying read." Read the whole review here.

bulletADL Bestseller! The Price of Temptation is now a top-ten bestseller at A Different Light Bookstore. With locations in San Francisco and West Hollywood, A Different Light has been serving the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender community since 1979. The Price of Temptation is currently #3 on their list. Peaked at #2!

bulletMore reader reviews Another two from Amazon readers:

A delicious romp! This was a rollicking good ride! A delightful balance of romance, comedy of manners, intrigue, and, well, smut! It had the feel of a victorian melodrama where you wanted to cheer the heroes and hiss at the villains. Yet as much as I loved the protagonists, the supporting cast is equally deserving of kudos (particularly Charles-- I wish I had him for *my* valet!). All the characters were well-developed (particularly considering that this is a relatively short book). I would love to see the further adventures of these characters down the road. If you're in the mood for a totally indulgent, "guilty pleasure" sort of book, look no further!

History, romance, and a superb storyteller Does it get any better than this? If you love to read and are looking for something just a little bit different, look no further. Jamie Riley loves Stephen Clair but Jamie doesn't know it. Stephen thinks he loves Julian but doesn't know that he doesn't. Aunt Matilda loves Stephen, hates Julian, and doesn't know what to think of Jamie - but she's very, very rich as well as an inveterate gossip. The secondary characters in M.J. Pearson's historical gay romance are delicious enough to warrant tales of their own (one can only hope, hint hint wink wink). I look forward to more of M.J. Pearson.

And one from A Different Light: Finally! A strongly written, erotic, sensual story that's a page-turner extraordinaire! The love scenes curled my toes. The characters hooked me and I yearned to know a lot more about them. And the author was responsible for me being tired and grumpy the next day at work as I had to read "just one more page" before turning out the light - thanks a lot, M.J.! And please keep writing. (How about a sequel?)

bulletTwo five-star reader reviews! From This book was a good read even for a non-gay reader who doesn't usually read romances. It was well written, you felt sympathetic with the "good" characters, hated the evil ones, and were drawn into the plot - by the end the book is a real page-turner. Lots of nice historical details make this a step above many romances. The romance was sexy but tasteful...An entertaining, fine guilty pleasure.

From Barnes and This is the first actual gay romance I’ve read . . . ever! The further into it you went, the more you tore at the pages eager to know what happened. It’s not high literature, but it is pure fun.

bulletSignings scheduled: M.J. Pearson will be signing copies of The Price of Temptation at Out Word Bound Bookstore, 625 N. East Street, Indianapolis on Tuesday, November 22 at 7 p.m. Remember--autographed books make great Christmas gifts!
bulletAlso: Saturday, November 19 at Doubleday Books in Circle Center mall, Indianapolis. 4-6 pm.

bulletThe book has shipped! After a slight delay, The Price of Temptation shipped to distributors last week--Bookazine received their copies on Friday, September 23. Anyone who pre-ordered should get their copies within a week or so.

Also, In Newsweekly, New England's largest GLBT newspaper, recently ran an interview with author M.J. Pearson--check it out at the link.

bulletUpdate: Book will hit stores ahead of schedule. The Price of Temptation will ship to distributors on September 15, which should put it in stores September 20.

bulletSeventh Window Publications
bulletSeventh Window Publications has announced that the release date for M.J. Pearson'sThe Price of Temptation is September 28, 2005. The book (available in trade paperback, ISBN 0-9717089-3-2; price $12.95), will be distributed through Ingram, Bookazine and ASP Wholesale, and will also be available from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Interested readers can pre-order at (click below).
bulletPre-order here: The Price of Temptation

bulletNow available at as well: Click here

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